Marriotts School A Level press release August 2020

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Posted on - Aug 21 2020

Marriotts School students and staff are celebrating their A Level results today, albeit in very different circumstances.  Students braved the weather to collect their results and celebrate with their teachers and each other. 

Ben Pearce, Deputy Headteacher, stated, “It has been great to see the hard work and dedication of our Year 13 students, particularly in light of this extremely difficult year for all. I am delighted that the vast majority of students are able to progress to their chosen next step and it has been a pleasure to see them develop into aspirational, enthusiastic and mature young adults who I am sure will achieve amazing things in the future.” 
This has been a challenging year for all Stevenage students, particularly those taking their GCSE’s and A Levels.   Due to the current pandemic and subsequent lockdown, students in years 13 and 11 were not able to sit their final examinations. This was hugely disappointing for students as individuals and for the whole school community.   
To replace examinations, Schools were asked to make their best assessment of what grade each student would be most likely to receive and to place candidates in rank order. The purpose of this ranking was to allow adjustments to take place to ensure the distribution of grades at a National level was similar to previous years. 
Teachers know their students very well and centres were able to draw on a wide range of evidence, in order to assess students with a high degree of accuracy, before submitting a Centre Assessed Grade to the Examination Board.  The grades Schools submitted to the Examination Boards were agreed by the centre (School), following a robust process and internal quality assurance and moderation.  This means that Centre Assessed  Grades were not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.   
All Stevenage school staff worked incredibly hard on the process for agreeing Centre Assessed Grades,  in order to ensure that the grades submitted to Examination Boards were a true reflection of students’ ability.   
Using data submitted, Ofqual applied a standardisation model.  The model employed by Ofqual and the awarding organisations is statistical and does not in all cases reflect the grades submitted by the centre. Ofqual applied this standardisation process in an attempt to ensure that grades awarded this year are consistent with those awarded nationally to cohorts in previous years. Ofqual felt this was the fairest possible approach available under extreme circumstances.  This is a process that has never been attempted before.  
Like students, staff and families across the country, Stevenage Schools and their communities are disappointed that for some students the standardisation process applied, has meant that there is a 
discrepancy, sometimes significant, between Centre Assessed Grades submitted by schools and the final grades awarded to students by Examination Boards.  Throughout the process Stevenage Schools sought to ensure accuracy and fairness for all individuals.  Stevenage Headteachers are concerned that for some students the grades they have been awarded do not reflect their ability.   
The Secretary for Education issued a statement on 12th August 2020 amending their approach, announcing a Triple Lock process for students, to provide added security as they receive their examination grades.  He stated that this system will help provide reassurance to students. Under this system students could accept their calculated grade (issued by the Examination Board today), appeal to receive a valid mock result or could sit Autumn examinations.  Schools are awaiting Ofqual’s guidance as to what constitutes a valid mock result and how the appeals process will work.   
Staff in all Stevenage schools will continue to work diligently to ensure students receive the grades they deserve, (including supporting students through the appeal process), so that they can progress on successfully to the next stage of their lives.    
Headteacher Bethany Honnor said “As always I want to congratulate every single one of our students for the immense hard work they have put into their studies.  Everyone deserves recognition for their achievements.  Below are just a few of our many students who deserve congratulations for all they have accomplished”.  
Toma achieved 4 A*’s in History, English Literature, Art and EPQ. Toma is going to study  Law.  Toma states, “without the support of my teachers I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I did.  I am very grateful for everything.” 

Ben Holland achieved 3 A*’s in Maths, Further Maths and Physics.  Ben is planning on going to Bath University to study Mathematics and hopes to pursue a career in Academia.  Ben wants to thank his teachers for their expertise and guidance this year.
Amanda Hallett achieved A grades in Psychology and English and a B grade in History.  Amanda has been accepted to Queen’s University in Belfast to study English and creative writing.  Amanda said “Marriotts has been so understanding if I was struggling, the support was always there and the teachers genuinely wanted to help.”  
Kendall achieved Distinctions in Health and Social Care and Business, as well as a Merit in BTEC Science.  Kendall is going to Bournemouth University to study Paediatric Nursing. Kendall wanted to thank the Sixth form team.   
Kieran achieved A’s in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths and an A* in Physics. Kieran intends to attend Imperial College London, studying Mechanical Engineering. Kieran wanted to thank “The Sixth Form Team for guiding me through the UCAS process and helping me achieve what I needed to go to the University of my choice.”   
Leah achieved Distinction’s in Sport and Health and Social, as well as a C grade in Media.  Leah is going to Anglia Ruskin University to study paediatric nursing. Leah wanted to thank staff “who got me back on track when I didn’t even think I’d make it to the sixth form.”    
Daisy achieved Distinction *’s in BTEC Business and Public Services.  Daisy is going to Nottingham Trent to study Primary Education.  Daisy says “I wouldn’t have got these grades if it wasn’t for the sixth form team.  I’m so glad I came to Marriotts for sixth form.”  
Sarajun received impressive results in Further Maths, Computer Science, Physics and Maths and is hoping to attend Warwick University.  He would like to thank all of his teachers who have done so much for him. 
Curtis has achieved a Distinction* in IT a Distinction in Public Services, a Merit in Applied Science.  Curtis is going to Aston University to study for a Degree in Cyber Security. 

We are so proud of all of our students and would like to thank our students, their families and their teachers for their dedication and commitment to Marriotts School.  We are so pleased that so many students are moving on to University and Apprenticeships of their choice and wish them all every success in their future endeavours.   
Good luck and please stay in touch.