Report an absence

Please complete the form below to report a student absence (one per student).

Important information - Reporting Your Child's Illness. You will be asked to confirm you have read this information.


Report an Illness HERE

Report a medical appointment HERE

Holiday Absence/Other absence HERE



We may call if we require additional details.

We recommend when reporting all student absence you use one of the following 2 options only. 

Option 1 School comms/school gateway, for illness on the day. (Please note we can not receive any attachments)

Option 2 Via the school website google forms for illness/medical appointments or holidays etc. Follow the link above or  -  Attendance and Punctuality - Marriotts School (You can upload attachments)

For 6th form please use option one or Contact Mrs Daly

Please remember to report your child's absence by 8.30am Thank you for your support

We have alternative methods which you can use if necessary please E-mail for more information.