Senior Student Team

There are 9 Senior Student Leaders; three Head Students and six Senior Students. They are the face of the School Council and can be seen speaking at school events, supporting local activities, taking assemblies and meeting parents at the various consultation meetings. They lead all the School Council activities and meetings and also head our committees. 


Head Students
Steph Matt Faye

My name is Stephani and I am currently a Head Student at Marriotts School. I am studying English Literature, Sociology and Sports Studies in aspiration to study Law at university. I am passionate about my role as Head Student because I want to make a positive impact at our school and it is an opportunity for me to further my leadership skills. I will be working closely with the members of our sixth form team to better our school community.  

Leads: Student Council, Year 9 Student Voice, Freedom from Harrassement committee and Student Wellbeing group. 

My name is Matthew and I am currently a head student at Marriotts Sixth form. I currently study Biology, Chemistry and History and I would like to study Chemistry at university. I became a head student because I am passionate for Student Voice within the Marriotts community 

In my role as head student, I would like to achieve a closer Marriotts community, using the Sixth form as role models for Year 7-11. I would also like to improve Student voice, further incorporating student's ideas on how to improve the school, making it a better school environment for both staff and students. 

Leads: Student Council, Year 7 Student Voice, Year 11 Student Voice, LGBTQ+ committee and Environment committee. 

My name is Faye and I am one of the head students at Marriotts this year. I am currently taking A Level Psychology and Chemistry as well as CTEC Double Sport with the intention of studying forensic psychology at university. Being part of the student leadership team is important to me because I want Marriotts to be the best environment possible for students to grow and develop into young adults. 


Leads: Student Council, Year 8 Student Voice, LGBTQ+ committee and Futures committee. 

Senior Students
Ayaan Bailey Connor

My name is Ayaan and I am studying Psychology, Business and History and aspire to study Accounting and Finance at University. I wanted to be a Senior Student because I want to ensure all our students have a voice, I want them to have their grievances heard and as they’re hopefully going to be here for years to come and I want to ensure they have a better school experience. 

Leads: Year 8 Student Voice and Anti-racism committee. 

My name is Bailey and I am currently studying A Level Psychology and Double Health and Social care, hoping to pursue a career in psychotherapy and counselling in the future. I wanted to be a part of the student leadership team because I wanted to help to give other students the opportunity to have their voices heard, to ensure that they feel happy and comfortable in the school environment that they all make up.  

Leads: Year 7 Student Voice and Student Wellbeing committee. 

My name is Connor and  I am studying Maths, Philosophy and History to work towards an Economics course at university. I aspire to have an Oxbridge qualification, and to fulfil the dream of becoming a stockbroker. I am part of the senior student council to push forwards the ideas of unity, equality and togetherness.

Leads: Year 11 Student Voice and Anti-racism committee. 

Daniel Jess Nathan

My name is Daniel. I am always bright and I wanted to bring my positive attitude and improve my skill set with this senior position. I also study product design, ICT and applied science which all offer different perspectives when approaching  issues. It will help me understand the problem I am faced with and help me to solve it effectively. 

Leads: Year 10 Student Voice and Environment committee. 

My name is Jess and I am studying double sport and dance with the hope of owning my own gymnastics club. I aspire to go to an American university to study sports management. I wanted to be a senior student because I wanted to ensure the students at Marriotts that complete any level of sports outside school are understood and supported. I believe this is very important as Marriotts is a sport heavy school with students completing sport at an elite level all the way to grass root level. These students should have the support of senior students as elements of the school life can get difficult and having the support of students in the same position can be helpful.

Leads: Year 9 Student Voice and Sports Leaders committee. 

My name is Nathan and I am studying maths, further maths, politics and music at A Level and I am hoping to pursue music or liberal arts at university. I wanted to be a member of the student leadership team because I am passionate about politics, particularly how we can structure our political system so it works effectively to solve problems in society. Being a senior student gives me the opportunity to practice this on a smaller scale meaning I can play a part in tackling the pressing issues within our school such as freedom from harassment. I also work with Year 10 to make sure their voices are heard within the school community. 

Leads: Year 10 Student Voice and Freedom from Harrassment committee. 

Here is a sample list of activities that the Head Students are required to undertake:

  • Regular meetings with the Assistant Headteacher or Leadership Group to discuss specific or general issues which have arisen.
  • Participation in School/Year Council meetings. Taking positions of leadership.
  • Running of focus or discussion groups with students to address specific issues, summarising of the outcomes and presentation of these outcomes to the Headteacher or Leadership Group.
  • Running of school committees.
  • Attendance at assemblies for linked year groups when possible. Occasionally leading assemblies or giving presentations in assemblies. 
  • Participation in mentoring schemes for younger students.
  • Attendance at Presentation Evenings for KS3 and KS4 and giving of prizes / awards to younger students.
  • Attendance at Open Evenings (for year 6 parents or for year 11 parents) to promote the school and address audiences.
  • Giving tours and general public relations work with visitors to the school.
  • Occasional attendance at governing body meetings to give updates on the views of the students.
  • Participation in school development work and occasional work with outside agencies on developing the school.