Impact of Covid-19

The closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for everyone involved, from the students themselves, to their teachers and their parents. At Marriotts, this has impacted university entry in 2021: most students have missed 4 months of face-to-face contact in Year 12.  Work was set and marked remotely, with some opportunity for interaction and 'live' lessons via Microsoft TEAMS. The usual broad co-curricular programme, including preparation for university applications, opportunities to further develop employability skills and undertake high quality non-qualification activities and work experience that matches their needs, has been impacted due to Covid-19, although we are striving to continue to provide students with high quality provision, despite the limitations. We continue to encourage our prospective university applicants to follow our school mission statement to ‘Aim High’, and will support them to achieve their chosen next step.