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A town planner helps communities, companies and politicians to decide on the best way to use land and buildings.

A planner’s main aim is achieving sustainability. This means balancing different social, environmental and economic issues when official decisions are made on whether a piece of land is built on or not. Another way to describe this job is 'making places', such as towns, for people to live and work. Planners do not construct buildings but recommend how and where buildings should be built, what they should be used for and how they should fit into the local surroundings. Our About planning guide gives you a taster of what you could do.

Planners are known by many names

• Town and country planners
• City planners
• Land use planners
• Spatial planners
• Urban designers
• Environmental planners
• Development planners

There is a huge current and future demand for Town Planners in Hertfordshire and across the county. This webinar will allow you to hear directly from Town Planners and to learn about the different entry routes into the career.

Previous seminars have included:

A Business Apprenticeship



Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals


Film & Media Production


Sports Coaching

Want further help and support with your careers choices visit our 'leaving education and need help with your next steps' hub or browse the 'Explore Careers' tab here.


The apprenticeship offers fantastic career development potential within a fast growing business and industry. 

Take a look at the different roles and opportunities in the film, media and creative industries in Hertfordshire over on HOP.

Experiences in Law, Buisness and Politics with UCL

For ages 12-18

UCL experiences

Click on any career below to register for an experience that will supercharge your future.

Accountancy: Discover offshore tax and forensic accounting
Entrepreneurship: Design a business strategy to rapidly grow a company
Environmentalism: Create a futuristic, eco-friendly transport system
International Development: Experience a climate change summit
Investment Banking: Trade the stock market alongside City bankers
Law: Experience a live murder trial with top barristers
Management Consultancy: Help a company go zero-carbon
Marketing: Rescue your client from a rapidly-escalating PR disaster
Politics: Debate with former MPs in a simulated House of Commons

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T Levels - combining study with industry experience

Gaining workplace experience alongside a qualification can be a stepping stone to the career of your dreams. T Levels are a new, two-year qualification, equivalent to three A Levels, combining classroom learning and an extended industry placement. Courses, designed with businesses and employers, include Healthcare ScienceEducation and Childcare, Onsite Construction and Digital Production, Design and Development. Check out 5 great reasons for choosing a T Level



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