Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings willl be from 4pm to 7pm on the following dates

October 7th 2021 - Y11 Parents Evening                                                

Octtober 21st 2021 - Y13 Parents Evening

December 2nd 2021 - Y7 Parents Evening

January 20th 2022 - Y13 Parents Evening

March 3rd 2022 - Y12 Parents Evening

March 31st 2022 - Year 9 Parents Evening         

April 28th 2022 - Y10 Parents Evening

May 12th 2022 - Y8 Parents Evening


Currently, all parents evenings will be remote via the online parents evening system. The 'How to' guide is below for reference.


Page Downloads Date  
Parents How to Guide Virtual Appointments 1 22nd Oct 2021 Download