The School Day

The total amount of teaching received by students, excluding Registration and Assemblies, is 25 hours each week. 

Break and Lunch Time Arrangements

Students are encouraged to use the school restaurant during mid-morning or lunchtime breaks. We do provide indoor and outdoor spaces for those wishing to bring a packed lunch. Marriotts School operates a ‘closed site’ and students must remain on the premises during break and lunchtimes. If it is necessary for a student to go home at lunchtime permission must be granted from their Year Leader and a pass will be issued. Mobile phones must not be used at break or lunchtime. An outline of the school day timings are as follows:


Assemblies are held every day of the week on a rota basis for each year group. They are held during tutor time.

  • Monday – Year 11 
  • Tuesday – Year 10 
  • Wednesday – Year 9 
  • Thursday – Year 8 
  • Friday – Year 7 

Assemblies play an important role at Marriotts as they help to foster a sense of community, unity and identity, as well as a positive ethos. During an assembly important announcements can be made, as well as providing a time for quiet reflection. Values can be reinforced, moral and spiritual guidance given and pressing social issues can be presented. Students can also show case talents or be used to present in assembly. Rewards or student achievement can be celebrated and key school messages can be made, for example, the importance of good attendance. Assemblies are also a time to inspire and to motivate, through stories that reflect great courage or resilience. 

Assemblies also have included a powerful Remembrance Assembly, a Black History Month Assembly and one with an Anti-Bullying Theme. In December we will mark Human Rights week with an assembly. Other national events or festivals also feature in the assembly programme.