Ints Role Email address
Miss Leanne Albone Geography/Link SENCo
Mrs Pam Alden English/FT 7G (Jnt)
Mr Mark Allam Business Manager
Mrs Sarah Allcock-Green Transition Coordinator
Mrs Liz Allum Safeguarding, CLA and Counselling Co-ordinator
Miss Leanne Angell Base Room Assistant
Mrs Jacqueline Arnold Exam Invigilator
Mr Joseph Asamoah IT/Computing
Ms Beverley Ashley-Walker Instructor
Mrs Mandy Bains AHT: Disadvantaged/Numeracy /RSL (Lead) Y9
Mrs Cathy Baker Head of History/FT 13B
Mrs  Ellen Baker Office Manager
Mr Kenneth Baldock Exam Invigilator
Mr Stephen Bannister AHT: Approach to Learning/Enrichment curriculum/ RSL Y8
Miss Jacqueline Barber Exam Invigilator
Mr Martin Barrett Technology/FT 8A
Miss Esme Barrington English/FT 9H (Jnt)
Ms Lisa Barrow Finance Manager
Mr David Bass Instructor
Mrs Karen Batchelor Exam Invigilator
Mrs Georgina Bedford Art/FT 11 A (Jnt)
Mrs Anne Berry Exam Invigilator
Miss Kimberley Blythe English/FT 8G
Mrs Stefania Boca MFL Teacher/FT 8C
Mrs Mary Boon Admin Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Jill Borcherds SLE Outreach, Maths, Maths Mastery, Computing, Business/FT 13E
Mr Ryan Bourne Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Brown Assistant Year Leader Year 9
Mrs Denise Bullen Snr Science Technician
Miss Charlie Carthy Humanities/FT 8H
Mrs Lisa  Chapman Asst. Year Leader Year 7
Miss Rachael Christodoulou English Instructor/FT 11H
Mrs Stephanie Clark Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tracey Clark HR Officer
Mrs Gaynor Clarke Exam Invigilator
Mr Kristian Clarke BTEC Sports Tutor 
Mr Richard Clarke Head of Business/IT/FT 12E
Mrs  Jade Clements English Teacher
Mrs  Jasmine Coben Year Leader Year 8
Mrs Gill Cocksedge Counsellor
Mrs Claire Coker Sports Centre Duty Manager
Mr Leon Coker Junior Duty Manager
Mrs Tina Coles Teaching Assistant
Miss Jennifer Cooney PE Instructor
Miss Lauren Cooper Head of Health and Social Care/FT 10C
Miss Nicola Cooper Year Leader Year 9
Mrs Sabrina Couzens Finance Officer
Mrs Katie Crichton Exams Invigilator
Ms Judy Crook Head of Food Technology/FT 8E
Mr  Ben Cubberley Cover/FT 10A
Mrs Kelly-Marie Daly Sixth Form Safeguarding, Pastoral Support and Admin
Ms Margarita Davies LP: MFL /Head of Spanish
Mrs Cheryl Day Exams invigilator
Miss Tiffany Demetriou AHT: Teaching and Learning/RSL Y7
Miss Katie Dinsey Teaching Assistant
Mrs April Drackford Fitness Manager
Mr Jamie Drackford Community Leisure Services Manager
Mr Andre Edwards LP: Sharing Practice in T&L, New Tchnologies, Humanities/FT 10D
Mrs Sandra Edwards Behaviour Admin/Cover Co-ordinator
Mrs Sarah Endersbee Dance/Drama
Mr Rob Etienne ICT/Computing/FT 9D
Mrs Anne Evans HR and Business Management Consultancy
Miss Hayley Everett Head of Dance/Drama
Miss Rosie Fallows PE/Dance/FT 9G
Miss Courtney Fisher KS4 Maths Coordinator/FT 12B
Miss Claudia Francois Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mrs Susanna Fry Head of Art/FT 11D
Mr Michael Fryer Exam Invigilator
Mr  Chris Gaskin BfL Co-ordinator, On Call
Miss Lucy Gavaghan 2nd Science/FT 10F (Jnt)
Mr Chris Georgiou  Assistant Year Leader Year 8
Miss Dominique Giddings Cover/ FT 10B
Ms Ann Gluckstein Senior Therapist
Mrs Liz Goff Data Manager
Mr Sam Haley STEM Lead, Science
Miss  Lucy Hamilton Teaching Assistant
Mr Ian Harris Exam Invigilator
Mrs Katherine Harris Exam Invigilator
Mrs Tanya Haskins LP: Professional Development, PA, English/FT 13A (Jnt)
Mr Sam Hayes Junior Duty Manager
Mrs Daryl  Haynes Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Hays SEND Secretary
Miss  Kirsty Hays Tech Technician
Mrs Kathy Herbert Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachel Higham Attendance Officer
Mr Derek Hill Exam Invigilator
Mr Alex Hills Teaching Assistant
Mrs Beverley Hoepelman Exams invigilator/FT 7D (Jnt)
Miss Lucy Hoepelman Art
Mrs Sheila Hogan Exam Invigilator
Ms Bethany Honnor Headteacher
Miss Kristy Hoskins Humanities/FT 9F
Mr Ed Hutchings Lead DHT: Outcomes and Behaviour
Mr Adam Illingworth Pastoral Leader and Year Manager Sixth Form
Mrs Lena Ioannou Science/FT 7D (Jnt)
Mrs Amie Jacobs LP: Professional Development, STEM Science/FT 10E (Jnt)
Miss Hannah Jones Sports Centre Duty Manager
Mrs Paula Jones Jnt Head of MFL
Mr Mehrez Jouini Maths Teacher
Miss Noreen Kazi Maths/FT 11E
Mr Jordan Keighley KS3 Maths Coordinator
Mr Cameron Kerr AHT: Cultural Capital and Most Able/RSL (Pastoral) Y11
Mr Rob King Teaching Advocate Personal Development and Behaviour/Science/FT 10F (Jnt)
Mrs Susie Lawson Assistant Year Leader Year 10
Mrs  Jen Leach AHT: Curriculum, Timetable, Post 16 Academic, Science and RSL Sixth Form
Mrs Helen Leaver Secretary to SLT
Miss Abby Livingstone 2nd PE/FT 7C
Mr Josh Lucy Head of PE/FT 12A
Mrs Jemma Lyttle Dance/Drama
Ms Fiona Marquis Counsellor
Mrs Kerry McClean Head of KS4/5, Media/FT 13A (Jnt)
Mrs Mona McDermott Head of Science Faculty/FT 11F
Mr Ryan McQueen History/Government and Politics Lead/FT 9A
Mrs Jo Martin Head of Dance/FT 9H (Jnt)
Ms Celia Mascall Exam Invigilator
Mrs Surinder Matharu English/FT 7E (Jnt)
Miss Brodi Matless Junior Duty Manager     
Mr Bernard Matthews Exam Invigilator
Mrs Tamara Matveeva Exam Invigilator
Mrs Sarah Mead Music/FT 11B
Miss Ashley Mercer 2nd English i/c KS3/FT 13D
Mrs Diane Moore Exam Invigilator
Mrs Lauren Moore Cover Supervisor
Mr Craig Morgan AHT: Data, ARR and RSL Y11
Mrs  Chris Morling Teaching Assistant
Ms Nicola Moss LP: Literacy and English/FT 12C
Miss Josephine Mullen English/FT 7G (Jnt)
Mr Darren Neely KS5 Maths Coordinator/FT 12F
Dr Carolynne Newstead LP: Knowledge Retention, Homework (KS3), Technology/FT 13C
Mrs Jan Newton HLTA, Cover/FT 10E (Jnt)
Mrs Loveth Osedeme 2nd Science/FT 8D
Mr Callum Packard LP retention and Retrieval, Maths/FT 11G
Mrs Sonata Pakštienė Exams Officer
Miss Sarah Parry Food Instructor
Mr Adam Payne PE/FT 7B
Mr  Ben Pearce DHT: Quality of Education
Mrs Jacquie Peary Resources and Operations Secretary
Mrs Susan Percival Exam Invigilator
Mrs Laura Perrett Exams Admin Support and Science Tech Support
Mrs Nicky Pestell Attendance Admin Assistant
Mr Jean-Remy Pettorelli Technology Technician
Mrs Amanda Phillips Geography/FT 7E (Jnt)
Mrs Anne Piddock Teaching Assistant 1:1
Mrs Irene Pisano PA to Headteacher
Mrs Susan Plowman Exam Invigilator
Mrs Holly Portingale Teaching Advocate Post 16, Health and Social Care
Mrs Lisa Powell Inclusion Base Leader
Mr Adam Presland LP Approach to Learning, Character Education, english
Mrs Dimpi Purswani Teaching Assistant 1:1
Mrs Anne Purvis Exam Invigilator
Mrs Britta Radenhausen Jnt Head of MFL
Miss Nicola Rees Head of English inc. Literacy/FT 8F
Mr Gerard Reilly Head of Geography/FT 11C
Mr Dan Reshat Maths Instructor/FT 7A
Miss Kerry  Reshat Student Services Coordinator
Mrs Gill Ridley Inclusion Co-ordinator
Mrs Jess Sack LP Personal Development
Mrs Claire Scott Snr Pastoral Leader/RSL Y9
Ms Claire Severn English/FT 11A (Jnt)
Miss Natalie Slade AHT: Behaviour, Student Engagement
Miss Imogen Smith 2nd Science/FT 9C
Ms Julie Speer Exam Invigilator
Miss Rebekah Stannard Head of RE/FT 10G
Mrs Ann Stoneman Art Teacher
Miss Laura Stewart English and CLA Support
Miss Alice Sweeney Asst. Year Leader Year 11
Mrs Bea Tamizi Science/Link SENCo
Mrs Anna Taylor AHT: Personal Development, Transition, Pastoral and Acting Snr YL Y7
Mr Jonathan  Taylor Technology/Ft 9B
Mrs Kirsty Taylor LP PP Strateg, Numeracy, Maths/FT 9E
Mrs Lesley Tether Lead AHT: PD, SEND, Behaviour and Attitudes
Ms Tracy Tingey-Foreman Jnt Year Leader Year 10
Miss Charlotte Tomlinson Science with IT/Business/FT 8B
Mrs  Lorna Tuck Maths/FT 7F
Mrs Elaine Vandergrift History Teacher
Mr Jim Waddell Head of Music/FT 12D
Miss Shannen Wadsworth Trainee Senior Therapist
Mrs Tracey Ward Exam Invigilator
Mrs Cherryl White Science Technician
Mrs Kathryn White Pastoral. SEND and Behaviour Team Manager
Mr Joe Whittaker AHT: Head of Maths, Catch Up and Academic Transition and RSL Y10
Mr Matt Whittaker Year Leader Year 11
Miss Maria Williams Teaching Assistant m.williams@marriotts.herts.sch
Mr Richard Williams LP Careers and PE
Mr Mike Winter AHT: Head of KS5, Vocational Lead, Stevenage FC and RSL 12/13
Mr Barry Woolhead Exam Invigilator
Miss  Carly Wright Receptionist/Admin Assistant