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Marriotts School Uniform

At Marriotts we believe that all students should wear the correct school uniform smartly and with pride.  Wearing school uniform shows commitment to being part of the Marriotts family. It helps to foster a serious approach to learning and helps prepare students for their future careers.  Our uniform also removes the distractions that invariably arise as a result of students comparing clothing and allows students to be easily recognised both in school and on off site visits, which more easily ensures student safety.  We have high standards and high expectations for all our students and the way they present themselves at school is a vital part of this.   

Low cost and availability

The school does not make a profit on school uniform and any surplus is put back into the rewards programme. The majority of the uniform can be sourced from most major retail outlets/supermarkets. Only the blazer with embroidered logo, the school tie and key items of the PE Kit must be purchased from our supplier.  Our supplier is Sportswear International https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk/   Please contact the supplier for prices. Weekly deliveries to school are free of charge. Alternatively, items can be delivered direct to your home at a small charge.

Marking of uniform items  

When items of uniform go missing, it can be costly for families to replace these items.  To increase the chances of any lost items being returned to your child, we advise you to ensure that all uniform and PE kit is permanently marked with your child’s name. Permanent marker or labels can be used for this.   

Second-hand uniform

If you would like to access our small stock of second hand uniform, please email uniform@marriotts.herts.sch.uk with your request and we will do our best to match your requirements.  In addition, if you have any outgrown or spare uniform items that you would like to donate to our second hand uniform stock, please drop off any items at reception.  We greatly appreciate your support. 

Compulsory Uniform – students must have it and wear it:

  • Black blazer (with Marriotts logo) fitted or loose fit
  • Marriotts school tie
  • White collared school shirt (long or short sleeved) tucked in
  • Full length plain black school trousers


  • Black pleated school skirt at knee length
  • Plain dark socks with trousers
  • Plain white or black socks or black tights with skirts
  • All black flat leather shoes or leather trainers

Optional Uniform- students can wear it if they wish:

  • Grey V-Neck school jumper (with or without the Marriotts logo)
  • Black tailored shorts at knee length

Compulsory PE Kit – students must have it and wear it:

  • Marriotts black polo shirt
  • Marriotts black sweatshirt
  • Marriotts black shorts
  • Training shoes
  • Plain black football socks
  • Football boots (moulded studs are preferable)
  • Gum shield and shin pads

Optional PE Kit – students can wear it if they wish:

  • Black tracksuit bottoms or leggings for winter PE lessons
  • Black base layer for winter PE lessons, worn under the PE Kit. 

Uniform – further guidance



Not allowed as uniform

Full length plain black school trousers

No jeans/denim fabrics

No tracksuits or joggers

No jersey material, leggings or footless tights

No flares

Knee length black school pleated skirt

No skirts shorter than knee length

No straight fit or slim fit skirts

No stretchy or jersey material

Grey V-Neck school jumper (with or without logo)

No PE jumpers outside of PE lessons.

No round neck black or grey jumpers

No hoodies or other non-uniform jumpers worn in the school building

Black tailored shorts at knee length.  Must be worn with appropriate school shoes and plain dark socks.

No short shorts

No stretchy material, sports style (including motifs, strips or emblems), hot pants/cycling style shorts

Plain dark socks with trousers

Plain white socks OR black tights with skirts

If wearing socks and tights, black socks.

No patterned socks or tights

No socks above the knee

No visible logos in different colours

No leg warmers or fluffy/very thick socks

All black flat leather type shoes (and certain styles of leather type trainers)

Must have an upper that fully encloses the foot including the heel.

No flip flops or mules

No fabric shoes or trainers, including converse and vans

Shoes and leather type trainers need to be completely black – no other colours (including soles and any branding)

One small sleeper ring or one plain small stud in each ear of gold or silver

No multiple piercings

No stretcher piercings

No other visible body piercings, including nose piercings

Covering piercing with plasters or ‘clear’ studs is not acceptable – please wait until the holidays if you plan to have piercings done, so piercings can be removed for school.

No visible makeup

No nail varnish, gels, false nails or extensions

No false eyelashes

No visible makeup

Natural hair colours

Discrete hair bands only

No styles where patterns or shapes are shaved into the hair.

No hair colour other than natural colours

No shaven or cuts in eyebrows.

School skirt:

Skirt website

School shoes:

Shoe website

School shorts:

Short website

PE Kit – further guidance

Uniform – PE Kit

Not allowed as uniform – PE Kit

Marriotts black PE polo shirt

No alternative sports branded t-shirts or polo shirts

Marriotts black PE sweatshirt

No hoodies (including school branded ones)

No alternative sports branded sweatshirts or tops

Marriotts black PE shorts

For Winter PE lessons – black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings.  Black base layer under PE kit. 

No cycling shorts

No alternative sports branded shorts

No joggers or leggings of any other colour (must be black)

Training shoes (for MUGA/3G/Fitness/Sports’ Hall lesson areas)

Football boots with moulded studs (for Field and 3G lesson areas)

No fashion/school trainers

Plain black football socks

Not the same socks as worn during the school day

No white sports socks

No jewellery of any kind to be worn

No sunglasses to be worn (unless medical note)

Long hair to be tied back during PE lessons

All ear piercings and jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.  Covering piercings with plasters or ‘clear’ studs is not acceptable – please wait until the holidays if you plan to have piercings done, so piercings can be removed for school.


Mobile phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches

These items are ‘switched off in school bag.’  They are ‘never used, seen or heard.’  Mobile phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches use is prohibited throughout the school day from arrival until students have left the school site at the end of the school day.

In emergency situations, students go to student reception or Year Leader and speak to them about contacting home.

Students are regularly reminded that:

  • Phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches are never used in lessons.
  • Phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches are never used around the school building.
  • Phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches are never used in the outside areas.
  • Phones are never used to contact a parent/carer or checked for messages or calls from a parent/carer
  • Phones are never used in an ‘emergency’.
  • Phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches are never used at 3pm or after in the school building or playgrounds. Students must leave school site before these items are removed from the school bag.
  • Phones are never used to check classcharts; students have a copy of their timetable provided by their tutor.

If phones, headphones/earpods, smartwatches are ‘used, seen or heard’ the student will hand the phone over to staff, they will receive a sanction of 2 Behaviour Points and the item will be taken to reception, where a parent/carer can collect from reception at the end of the school day up to 4pm. Parents/carers will receive a school coms message or a phone call from the school that the item is in reception ready to be collected. This message will usually be sent before 3.20pm. Items will not be released to students.

Year 12 and 13: Are able to use their mobile phones, earphones, earpods, smartwatches in the sixth form common room at break and lunch time and during lessons times (when agreed by teacher). Sixth form students are also able to use wired headphones plugged into their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or plugged into computers around the school for educational purposes.  At all other times they are ’never used, seen or heard’ and are not allowed in sixth form lessons as standard. On infrequent occasions, they may be used for a task when agreed by the teacher.

For further details, please see the school behaviour policy on our website.


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