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Student Wellbeing


Please see the following video from our recent Wellbeing Day:

We take the welfare of each child seriously and we recognize that social and emotional wellbeing are prerequisites for good learning. The school has a Mental Health Lead whose role it is to establish a whole school approach to mental health, including the promotion of good mental wellbeing and resilience among students and staff. The school is working towards a kitemark accreditation for Mental Wellbeing, this provides a framework for reflective practice recognition and sharing of good practice across Hertfordshire schools. 

All of our staff have undertaken the Level 1 Mental Health awareness training and our students follow lessons as part of our Marriotts Life Skills provision to ensure they know how to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. This includes an understanding of healthy eating, maintaining an active lifestyle and having a good understanding of their emotional wellbeing as well as knowing  how to keep themselves safe both on line and off line. It’s also vital that they have an age appropriate understanding of healthy relationships, which can be found outlined in our RSE policy. We are led in our thinking by the Green Paper published in 2017 entitled: Transforming Children and Young People’s mental health provision, which details the governments  proposals to create a network of support for children and young people, and their educational settings, for their Mental Health & Wellbeing. Furthermore our SEN policy and our Behaviour Policy recognise the importance of developing and nurturing a student’s Social and Emotional Mental Health. Students who present with difficulties are given guidance and understanding and our staff training reflects our therapeutic approach to behaviour management.


Anti Bullying

Leaders, staff and students create a positive environment in which bullying is not tolerated. If bullying, aggression, discrimination or derogatory language occur they are dealt with quickly and effectively. Students say that all forms of bullying are rare, Ofsted 2016. Education about bullying has a high profile through Life skills and pastoral programmes.  

The school actively works to promote acceptance of difference and to celebrate diversity. We have whole-school approaches that promote empathy and social and emotional skills and these are extensive and well embedded in our school ethos and the Marriotts Way. For example in our Life Skills lessons prejudice related to homophobic, biphobic and transphobe, racist, SEND and gender-based bullying is covered. These lessons also look at the role of the “bystander".  We are very aware of the need to promote the safe and responsible use of the internet, including addressing cyberbullying 

We have a range of measures for the confidential reporting of bullying.

Please read our latest Anti-Bullying Newsletter here.

Click for our Anti-bullying policy.

Celebrating Success and Rewards 

At Marriotts, we operate a comprehensive reward system for students in all year groups, as we believe that rewards are far more effective than sanctions. We like to reward good behaviour for learning, student effort, a good attitude to learning, a positive contribution to school life, as well as attainment. We do this through Achievement Points, regular visits to the head teacher, letters, postcards, phone calls home and Reward Trips.