Marriotts Extra Curriculum


What is Marriotts Extra?

A bespoke programme which has been designed to prepare students for life in modern Britain, developing specifically a range of life skills and the kind of ‘cultural capital’ that enables learners to be more effective – as students, as citizens and as future or current employees.

Aims and Objectives:

To enrich the educational experience of Sixth Form students through a multi-faceted programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities that contribute to the Planned Learning Hours.

Students receive information, advice and guidance (IAG) work relating to Careers Education and access to Apprenticeships and Higher Education, notably the UCAS process.

  • A visiting speaker programme
  • Weekly targeted assemblies
  • A set of Life Skills modules focused on personal effectiveness, engaged citizenship and employability skills
  • A set of external placements, with local employers, charities, community groups and primary or special schools
  • A series of Sixth Form projects based around charitable endeavor, social and business enterprise programmes and event organization
  • Peer-to-peer coaching that enables students to learn from each other in fields such as languages, dance and sport
  • A set of sports and fitness based opportunities that would make use of Marriotts outstanding sports facilities while enabling students to gain coaching experience (and possibly qualifications) across a range of sports, to secure sports leadership qualifications. 

Planned Enrichment

All students complete at least 40 hours per year of planned enrichment activities. There are a wide range available, but these include:

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 
  • Sports Leaders UK Level 2 Qualification
  • Teaching Assistant in a faculty area
  • Subject Leader – Supporting Extra Curricular clubs etc.
  • Personal Development Committee
  • Peer Mentor
  • Work Experience
  • Librarian Team
  • Sixth Form Newsletter Team
  • Online MOOCS 

Trips and Events

We have a wide range of both academic and recreational trips available to Sixth Form students, including:

Ø University Campus Visits

Ø Positively Mad

Ø Wise Up

Ø UCAS Events

Ø Multiple Guest Speakers

Ø Partnerships with Hertfordshire University                  

Ø Bedfordshire University Partnership

Ø The Gambia Project & Charity Work

Ø Water Sports

Ø Study Skills

Ø Healthy Living Workshops

Ø Life After Sixth Form Preparation

Ø Cambridge University Trip

Ø International Football Matches

Ø Theatre Visits

Ø Museum Trips

Ø End Of year Boat Party

Ø Ski Trip

Ø Annual Winter Wonderland Trip