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Students: I am worried I will get lost

This is the single most frequent concern voiced by Year 6. We know that it is a big change moving up from a small primary school to a huge secondary school and can be very scary. We want you to know that we will support you with this.

In the first few days we always keep you together with your form group and you will have an induction (Boot Camp), this means we will train to learn all of the things about The Marriotts Way, and things like how to log on to the computer, how to go through the lunch queue, how to take out a library book. 

Once you have completed this Boot Camp, you will go to lessons. During the lesson changeover, you will have 5 minutes to get to the next lesson. During this time staff will be out on the corridors to support student moving around.

Students: Will I make friends?

Lots of Year 6 are nervous about making new friends. We always try to make sure that no one goes alone into a form, and that there are small groups of students from primary schools together.

But try to think about how different it will be in secondary school, and after form time you will go off to different lessons in some cases. For example, in English you will be set into groups according to your ability so you may not be with someone you know from primary school.

We do think our Year 7 students are kind to each other, they bond well as a year group and always make new friends.

Parents: Can I try uniform in school before I buy it?

This year due to Covid19 restrictions, the uniform suppliers (https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk/) will only deliver to the home address. If you order early and the sizing is wrong, you can return.

All orders over £70 are free home delivery.  Please check the website directly for any updates.

Students: What should I bring on the first day?

On the first day of school you will only really need in your school bag with your pencil case. This should have the minimum essential items – pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, scientific calculator, and any other items you might want to add, e.g., colouring pens/pencils. You should decide on a type of pen you write best with, and make sure it is blue or black ink. You will be expected to write in pen, draw and underline in pencil, at all times. You will also need your lunch, or a snack and your lunch money. If you have a free school meal, we will have your name on a list at the till when you purchase your lunch and you just say your name and the canteen staff tick you on their list.

So, on your first day please bring:

Pencil Case in school bag


Students: Where will my phone be stored during the day?

Unlike Primary School, if you bring a mobile phone to school you will be expected to look after it. It should be switched off and out of sight at all times during the day. You may use your phone at the end of the school day and coming into school in the morning. If you are using your phone during the school day, a staff member will ask to look after it and you may collect it back at 3pm.

Students: What clubs are there?

There are a wide range of clubs set up each year by staff for all students to attend. Attending a club is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. The clubs timetable is usually available after the first two weeks of school. It will be published on the school website, but to give you an idea:

Film Club

Creative writing



Art club



Book Club





Homework Club

Some clubs run at lunchtime and some clubs run after school. All clubs are free. Please check the Marriotts Sports Centre for Clubs that are run privately in the sports centre after school.

Website address: http://www.mscactive.co.uk/

Can I get a locker?

Yes, over the summer we will send a message out to parents to apply via Wisepay for a locker. You might find you don’t need one, not everyone has one. But you must look after your key or you will need to pay to replace it.

Can I wear black trainers?

You will need to have black shoes at all times in school. You may bring trainers for lunchtimes and PE but you must have your shoes on when you are walking around school.