At Marriotts, we are governed in our working by the school’s mission statement ‘Aim high. Work hard. Be kind.’  We are a trauma aware school, committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. We work to ensure that every single student will reach and exceed their potential and leave us with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same. Our approach has a heavy emphasis on respectful behaviour, a partnership approach to managing poor conduct and dynamic interventions that support staff and learners.

Highly visible leaders support all staff well in managing student behaviour and staff make sure students follow appropriate routines. The behaviour team is effective and well organised, led by a Deputy Head and supported by other senior staff, a team of Year Leaders and administrative staff. There is a collaborative approach between the SEND, Pastoral and Safeguarding teams, ensuring clear communication and the quick and prompt addressing of any issues. 

Effective behaviour and attendance policies are in place with clearly defined consequences that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff. The school’s behaviour policy is clearly articulated and understood by all stakeholders, helping to foster a positive school environment where learners feel safe and can flourish. The Marriotts Way has three rules, which are Ready, Respect, Safe.  The school recognises the importance of establishing a climate where positive recognition and encouragement far outweighs the frequency of sanction. There are therefore clear systems of recognition and reward at Marriotts.  There is also a system of whole school sanctions, for example, a classroom management plan and whole school detention that ensures all matters are dealt with.

Our approach to behaviour encourages many positive character traits such as self-reflection, self- regulation and reconciliation, which helps maintain positive relationships and allows a positive learning environment.

The school has a comprehensive intervention programme to help students presenting with behavioural issues, for example brief mentoring, outreach support, a monitored Pastoral Support Programme and referrals to Learning Support.

Please click on the link here to view the school's behaviour policy.