Creating and running inspirational life-changing courses for young people in schools. 

Humanutopia has been working with Marriotts for the past three years. Humanutopia is an inspirational life-changing program that works with teenagers across the UK. 

Each session is led by the HU team and involves recruiting Year 9 Heroes which are then trained to work with the younger year groups. Providing mentors and support for the students within our own school environment. 

Last term we had a year 6 taster day with some of our new students joining us in September. They were invited to spend a few hours in school and had a session with the Heroes. Parents and the students were surprised at the impact it had on certain students as they stood up in front of the audience and spoke about their experience. 

Five primary schools from Stevenage were invited in for the “5 live day “ which was also a fantastic success – we had 140 year 5’s and 100 Heroes for the whole day, doing group activities and playing games. 

"Mum, I’ve just had the best day ever. I can’t explain how amazing it was I’ve become a human utopian hero which has made me feel amazing I feel more confident and I’m out of my comfort zone and in my panic zone which means I will do things that are scary but are things that are great."
Quote from one of our newly recruited Year 9 Heroes