Pastoral Care

Our aim is to provide  pastoral care that supports and guides our students to achieve their potential and leave us with the qualifications, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives.

The Pastoral System at Marriotts is designed to put the student at the centre. It encourage students to thrive and be valued in a caring and supportive environment, giving them the confidence to succeed. Partnerships with parents/carers are paramount.

All of our students are members of a tutor group and pastoral care is organised through a year group system. We want all our students to feel part of their tutor group, their year group, and the whole school. All students have daily contact with their form tutor, they are key people that provide daily support, deliver daily tutor activities and are a point of contact for parents. The work of the tutors is co-ordinated by Heads of Year who are on hand throughout the day, allowing them to deal with any issues as they arise. They also provide a consistent approach to tracking progress, conduct  and attendance, working to identify and remove barriers to success. Furthermore each year group has a member of the senior leader ship team linked to them and there are a number of senior staff on hand to help with any safeguarding or behaviour  issues. We also have a dedicated counselling department who regularly see students in one to one sessions or group sessions and an Intervention Team who ensure that students have the support they need.

The Tutor Programme

Students are in tutor time from 8.30 to 8.50, during this time there is a focus on basic expectations such as uniform, equipment and punctuality, ensuring a good start to the day. Each day there is a daily tutor activity ranging from an assembly to a literacy and numeracy programme, to a Aim Higher session which highlights student achievement, attendance and general conduct. There are also dedicated tutor sessions with a focus on character education, cultural capital and careers, and each half term a whole week of tutor activites is arranged around these themes.

Our Marriotts Post 16 tutor programme is bespoke and  designed to develop specifically a range of life skills and the kind of cultural capital that enables our learners to be more effective as students, as citizens and as future or current employees. Careers advice and workshops, life skills, a relationships programme, current affairs debates, inspirational speakers, work experience opportunities, British values, all form part of the provision. There is a comprehensive pastoral support programme, to ensure that all students, no matter their individual needs, are fully supported.