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Posted on - Oct 15 2020

As part of Local Democracy Week, Marriotts School was keen to show its involvement and support in raising awareness about local issues and democracy at a ground level. Following socially distanced protocols the school was delighted to be able to finally open its doors to its first guest since returning to school and host the Mayor of Stevenage Councillor Jim Brown. Students from years 12 and 13 studying A-Level Politics (under the guidance of their teacher Mr McQueen) and the Head Boy and Girl Team were able to discuss local (and in some cases national and international ) matters concerning young people in Stevenage. The open discussion gave students an insight into the priortites of local government and the challenges that are being faced as a result of the pandemic. Students were naturally concerned about the impact that it has had on social and leisure facilitites in the town, the wider discussion about the long term impact on people's health and well-being and how local agencies are responding to these issues. Topics of discussion also included housing, transport and the environment and how the pandemic has forced local communities and Stevenage Council to re-think and reprioritise what is most important to them.  Marriotts would like to thank the Mayoral Office for working with the school to arrange this and look forward to a follow-up visit to continue the discussion.

Cameron Kerr

Assistant Headteacher