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Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

What is it to be a Philosopher at Marriotts?

Our vision is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils. We aim to prepare students for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life including the study of philosophy and ethics. The curriculum helps them to make moral judgments and positive and healthy lifestyle choices. The aim is to promote shared values and to challenge racism and discrimination, to encourage tolerance, and to build confidence to defend others. The ability to recognise how the diversity of religion can impact national and global issues is central to allowing students to understand and challenge stereotypes.

We encourage students to be open minded, inquisitive and reflective. The outcome is for students to leave us with a core understanding of spirituality, identity, a sense of community, tolerance, respect and acceptance of all cultures.

Curriculum Overview Maps

 Click on the relevent year group curriculum maps in the document section below to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts RS department. For further details of the curriculum please contact Mrs R Stannard

Subject Team

The Religious studies Department consists of 5 highly skilled and motivated members of staff who are fully committed to ensuring each student maximises their potential in Religious Studies and is able to enjoy the diverse range of topics that we study at Marriotts.

Staff Role In Faculty
Miss R Stannard Head of RS/Acting Head of History
Mr C Kerr Teacher of Humanities/AHT
Mr R McQueen Teacher of Humanities
Miss K Hoskins Teacher of Humanities
Miss A Taylor Teacher of Humanities and Marriotts PD/AHT

Curriculum Maps

Click on the relevent year group curriculum map to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts RS department.

Year 7 Curriculum map

Year 8 Curriculum map

Year 9 Curriculum map

Year 10 Curriculum map

Year 11 Curriculum map

Year 12 Ethics Curriculum map

Year 12 Philosophy Curriculum Map

Year 13 Ethics Curriculum map

Year 13 Philosophy Curriculum Map