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What is it to be an English student at Marriotts?

Through exposure to a variety of the great works of culture, we intend to create perceptive readers, articulate speakers and compelling writers who, via the exploration of the great moral questions of humanity, grow to be inquisitive, thoughtful and fully prepared contributing members of society.

Curriculum Overview 

English over

Key Stage 3

In KS3, students at Marriotts study a varied curriculum in English that exposes students to a wide selection of literature and different genres, allowing them to escape into a variety of fictional worlds. Students will build their confidence in looking beyond the surface meaning of texts, exploring methods and interpreting meaning. They will have 4 hours per week to cover the National Curriculum content.

Key Stage 4

By the time students get to KS4, they will already have an excellent grounding of the core skills required, which we endeavour to refine in preparation for their GCSE examinations. Our students study the AQA specifications for English Language and Literature, which set out to enable our students to read a range of texts from Shakespeare to Dickens and Poetry.

Key Stage 5

Students who opt to study English Literature at A Level follow the AQA  A specification. This enables our students to read widely and independently – exploring set texts and others that they have selected for coursework. They are required to engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts and ways of responding to them. Students will develop and effectively apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation; explore the contexts of the texts they are reading and others’ interpretations of them; undertake independent and sustained studies to deepen their appreciation and understanding of English literature, including its changing traditions.

Click on the relevant year group curriculum maps in the document section below to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts’ English department. For further details of the English curriculum please contact Miss N Rees:

You also download Knowledge Organisers for each year group from our Knowledge organiser page. These outline what homework is expected from each student.

Subject Team

The English Department consists of 18 highly skilled and passionate members of staff who are fully committed to ensuring each student maximises their potential in English and is able to enjoy the diverse range of topics that we study at Marriotts.

Staff Role In Faculty
Miss N Rees Head of English Faculty
Miss P Alden Teacher of English
Miss E Barrington Teacher of English
Miss K Blythe Teacher of English
Miss R Christodoulou Teacher of English and Media
Mrs J Clements Teacher of English and Media
Miss T Demetriou Teacher of English/AHT
Mrs T Haskins Lead Practitioner: English  and teacher of Media
Mrs S Matharu Teacher of English
Mrs K McClean Head of Media and Film
Miss A Mercer 2 i/c English and teacher of Media
Mr C Morgan Teacher of English/AHT
Miss N Moss Lead Practitioner: English
Miss J Mullen Teacher of English
Mr A Presland Teacher of English and Film/ Lead Pratictioner
Miss C Severn Teacher of English
Miss L Stewart Teacher of English/CLA Lead

Curriculum Maps

Click on the relevent year group curriculum map to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts English department.


Year 7 Curriculum map

Year 8 Curriculum map

Year 9 Curriculum map

Year 10 Curriculum map

Year 11 Curriculum map

Year 12 Curriculum map

Year 13 Curriculum map

Careers: Where can this subject take me?

Potential careers

English is an academically prestigious subject that is highly regarded, both in the world of work, and by further education providers. Key skills such as written and verbal communication, research, planning, analysis and evaluation are easily transferrable into a variety of subjects and professions. Careers that are linked with English include: journalism, law, public relations, advertising, television and film, teaching, politics, medicine and publishing.

Whether you consider yourself a lover of literature or not, good qualifications in English from Marriotts will prepare you well for your life ahead.


Newspaper journalist









These alumni all showed boundless enthusiasm for English whilst at Marriotts and will now help to prepare other students for their university applications.

English with American Studies at Nottingham University 2020-current
English with Creative Writing at Queens University, Belfast 2020-current
Law at Nottingham University 2020-current
English Literature at Warwick University  

2019- Current

Law at Kent University

2019 - Current


Enrichment with English

Each year we offer a range of theatre trips and clubs whenever it is possible. In previous years, we have taken students to see:

  • Royal Shakespeare Company – Macbeth with Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack
  • A Christmas Carol with Rhys Ifans.
  • Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

As soon as possible we will seek to book versions of these performances again along with:

  • Witness for the Prosecution
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Much Ado About Nothing

And more!


Clubs in English:

In previous years we have offered Book Club, Poetry Writing Club, Newspaper Club and Film Club and will be offering a range of clubs again this year!

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