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What is it to be a Historian at Marriotts?

Our vision is to create reflective citizens who can identify and understand patterns of human behaviour throughout History. We aim to inspire an awareness of one’s self in relation to the varying cultures, religions and political systems around the world. As a team we endeavour to expand student horizons beyond their immediate surroundings; to imbue empathy, tolerance and respect and to elevate their aspirations for the future. The ambition is to produce well-rounded, confident, proactive, critical thinkers.

Curriculum Overview 

History CO

Please click this link to see the History LTP for 2021/22.

Key Stage 3

We deliver a 3-year Key Stage 3 programme of study, incorporating key aspects of the National Curriculum. Students will have three one hour lessons every fortnight, mostly with the same teacher for all lessons. Throughout Key Stage 3, pupils will extend and deepen their chronologically secure knowledge and their understanding of British, local and world history.

Key Stage 4

GCSE History is a very popular option for our students. GCSE History (Edexcel) covers some of the most significant and exciting events in British, European, and American history.  The course develops the ability to analyse and evaluate the significance of past events, and develops an understanding of key historical concepts such as cause and consequence.

History develops skills in debating, analysing, justifying, and reading between the lines: skills that are highly prized by universities and employers alike.  Studying History gives you the power to ask questions of the past, in order to understand the world we live in today.

 Key Stage 5

We offer a range of A levels in the department including A Level History (AQA), A level Government and Politics (Edexcel) Sociology (AQA) and Psychology(AQA).

Click on the relevent year group curriculum maps in the document section below to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts Science department. For further details of the History curriculum please contact Mrs R Stannard

You also download Knowledge Organisers for each year group from our Knowledge organiser page . These outline what homework is expected from each student, for all subjects. 

Subject Team

The History Department consists of 6 highly skilled and motivated members of staff who are fully committed to ensuring each student maximises their potential in History and is able to enjoy the diverse range of topics that we study at Marriotts.

Curriculum Maps

Careers: Where can this subject take me?

Potential careers

More and more students are opting to study GCSE History, and some will go on to study it at A Level and beyond. The most frequent question we are asked as a department is, ‘What can I do with History A Level or a History degree?’ 

Studying history can lead to a great number of excellent careers as diverse as the media, government, heritage organisations, conservation, teaching, archives, museums and galleries, the police and law. 

Career opportunities with a history degree


What can I do with my degree in History


What can you do with a History Degree? 


What can you do with a History Degree?



These alumni all showed boundless enthusiasm for History whilst at Marriotts and will now help to prepare other students for their university applications.

Univeristy of Nottingham: Law 2020-current
UEA: Law 2019-current
Anglia Ruskin University: Law 2020-current



Some examples of enrichment activities we have held over the past few years:

Subject Documents Date  
Y7 History Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y8 History Curriculum Overview 2021 22 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y9 History Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y10 History Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y11 History Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y12 History Curriculum Overview Eng Rev 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y12 History Russia Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y13 History English Rev Curriculum Overview 2021 22 07th Nov 2021 Download
Y13 History Russia Curriculum Overview 07th Nov 2021 Download