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What is it to be a Mathematician at Marriotts?

A determined, hardworking and passionate team of teachers who strive to share their excitement for mathematics with all students delivers mathematics at Marriotts School. The mathematics curriculum at Marriotts School is designed to deepen students’ understanding of core mathematical principles through a mastery approach; which focuses learning onto the ‘why’ of mathematics. The curriculum focuses on developing students in three strands of mathematical thinking – fluency, reasoning and problem solving – so that the key skills and processes learnt in the classroom can be applied to practical, real-world scenarios.

Mathematics is an important subject that has the capacity to enable us to think more deeply and intuitively about the wider world. The study of Mathematics is not just about learning the core content, but also about training students’ to think logically and approach problems with resilience and the tools to unpick the problem and find a solution.

Students who are comfortable and confident with mathematics are able to develop critical thinking skills enabling them to effectively problem-solve and solution-find. Young people who are able to leave school with these skills are better equipped to be numerate in multiple settings across society and are able to flourish in a variety of fields.

Curriculum Overview

Click on the relevent year group curriculum maps in the document section below to find out more detail about what is studied in Marriotts Maths department. For further details of the Maths curriculum please contact Mr J Whittiaker:

You also download Knowledge Organisers for each year group from our Knowledge organiser page . These outline what homework is expected from each student, for all subjects. 

Subject Team

The Maths Department consists of 14 highly skilled and passionate members of staff who are fully committed to ensuring each student maximises their potential in Maths and is able to enjoy the diverse range of topics that we study at Marriotts.

Staff Role In Faculty
Mr J Whittaker Head of Maths Faculty
Mr B Pearce Teacher of Maths/DHT
Mr C Packard Lead Practitioner: Maths
Miss C Fisher 2i/c Maths
Mr D Neely 2i/c Maths
Mrs L Tuck Teacher of Maths
Mrs M Baines Teacher of Maths/AHT
Miss J Sack Teacher of Maths/ Lead Practitioner 
Mrs K Taylor Lead Practitioner: Maths
Mrs J Borcherds Teacher of Maths/SLE
Mr J Keighley 2 i/c Maths
Miss N Kazi Teacher of Maths
Mr D Ranshat Teacher of Maths
Mr J Asamoah Teacher of Maths/IT
Subject Documents Date  
Maths Overview Y7 08th Sep 2020 Download
Maths Overview Y8 08th Sep 2020 Download
Maths Overview Y9 08th Sep 2020 Download
Maths Overview Y10 08th Sep 2020 Download