Thinking of University?

Everyone should have the chance to go onto higher educations.  Your journey starts here, click here for links to Uni4Me and The Uni Guide

School leaver options

Watch the videos below and find out why you should go to uni, about student finances, receive advice on writing your personal statement, go on virtual tours of our local universities and hear from a PhD student.

  • Why go to uni?

  • Student finance explained

  • UCAS - help with your personal statement

  • Career advice from a PhD student

Cambridge University

  • The application process

  • A virtual tour

University of Hertfordshire

  • Life at Herts

  • Great minds don't think alike

University of Bedfordshire

  • Bedford 

  • Luton

  • Milton Keynes

Links to sites for advice and guidance on University

What is Uni4me?


Everyone should have the chance to go onto highereducation.  Uni4me give you the access to online events, activities and resources from UK higher education organisations that support your learning and enable you to find out more about your future opportunities.  Uni4me is your gateway to higher education.

The Uni Guide

Uni guide

Your journey to uni starts here.  The Uni Guide will keep you on track with the right advice, when you need it.  Everything is covered from what to study, where to go and how to get there.