Character & Community

Character development

At Marriotts we recognise that positive character traits, including for example courtesy, respect, truthfulness, courage and generosity are essential to a students ability to learn in the classroom but also they are important in promoting many other aspects of the co- curriculum and to employability skills.Ultimately our school ethos promotes the development of our Character Education, embodied in our school motto: Aim High, Work Hard and Be Kind. This  can found in our classrooms, in our students’ work ethic, in the way our students help and support those around them, in our co-curriculum provision and generally in the day to day life’s of our students and staff. We also use a number of outside agencies to assist with our Character Education Programme, namely Herts University, Humanutopia, ELSA, and Stevenage FC to name but a few. Character Education is also embedded into or Marriotts Lifeskills and form time programmes. For further information regarding Character Education at Marriotts please follow these links

Character Education Improvement Plan-this is a reflective document utilising the guidance of the Department of Education’s Framework Guidance for Character Education, November 2019. Please click here to view.

Character Education Mapping- this outlines the opportunities for Character Education at Marriotts School. Please click here to view.

Such as our Leadership Programme, Peer Mentoring and   the school’s new Relationships and Sex Education programme whick  promotes respect, assertiveness, self- confidence and self esteem.Many aspects of the school also encourages students’ confidence, and a positive mindset and as a school we actively encourages the concept of  effort and hardwork, as well as kindness( School ethos, T& L strategy, peer mentoring, Leadeship Programme, MLS, assembly programme, Charity and Community Work). Our approach to behaviour  encourages many positive character traits such as self  reflection, and self regulation as well as promoting students to be independent learners, and to have the confidence to be curious learners whilst operating in safe learning environments. Students are given clear guidelines as to the schools expectations through our extensive work embedding learning zones, and a shared understanding of the Marriotts Way. Resolving differences is also a key aspect of Behaviour Management at Marriotts, a focus on reconciliation helps maintain positive relationships, creating these throughout the school helps promote  a positive atmosphere and culture throughout the school in which many positive attributes can flourish.  The school recognises that developing character education is an ongoing committment, the school looks to continually  embrace opportunities that come it’s way and work with many outside agencies to develop this important aspect of a students education.(ELSA, Herts University, One Chance, Freedom From Abuse, Stevenage FC). We have included Character Education as a  form time activity, allowing students to reflect and develop these positive character traits .Character Education is also linked to the school work on careers and developing ‘Employability Skills’.


The Co- Curriculum

Students have access to a wide and rich set of experiences which are coherently planned within and beyond the normal taught curriculum and school day to maximise every opportunity to aid a student’s personal development. Please click here for further information regarding our Co- curriculum.

Students participate enthusiastically in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as clubs, visits, sports, outside speakers, teams, leadership opportunities, a careers programme and performing art productions.  These develop a students’ talents and interests beyond the formally taught curriculum and enhance students charactacter, well-being, social interactions, interests and wider skills. Visits that enhance learning are very much encouraged, as are those that promote a students cultural capital. For example, trips to the theatre are both popular and frequent. Enrichment through STEM activities are also well received.


Student Voice & Leadership

We value our students and ensure we involve them fully in the life of the school and wider community. An integral part of this is the student voice which includes two students from each form group representing their form during student voice meetings. Matters arising will be discussed during form time throughout the school to gain an insight into student views These matters include learning, social and environmental aspects of school life among others.  Student Voice themed assemblies take place once per term to feedback to the student body using a ‘You said, We did’ format.  The school parliament, will work with staff on issues such as policy and the wider community e.g. focus groups for topical matters. 


Peer Mentoring

There is a well-developed system for peer mentoring support. A number of our students have been trained to deliver short term peer mentoring to younger students. They are supported by a dedicated member of staff who meets with them regularly. Peer mentors follow a programme to support students in their confidence and learning. They are also aware of Safeguarding protocols