After Marriotts

Uni or not Uni?  That is the question...

Life after Marriotts

This page is for the students athat are considering what to do after Marriotts, either year 11 or year 13.  You will have an idea of your grades, your favourite subjects and if you have used the "Find a career" and "Employability skills" sections you will have an idea of the type of careers you could consider.  If you have looked into the careers you will have an idea of the qualifications required to begin your next step.  With that in mind, head to the relevant section below and browse through the links and videos which will inform you about the options you have before you make your decision, University, Apprenticeship or College.

Thinking of University?

Uni guysUni hats

Thinking of an Apprenticeship?

App engineerApprentiship

Thinking of College?

North herts collegeOaklands building