After Marriotts

Uni or not Uni?  That is the question...

Life after Marriotts

This page is for the students athat are considering what to do after Marriotts, either year 11 or year 13.  You will have an idea of your grades, your favourite subjects and if you have used the "Find a career" and "Employability skills" sections you will have an idea of the type of careers you could consider.  If you have looked into the careers you will have an idea of the qualifications required to begin your next step.  With that in mind, expand the sections below and browse through the links and videos which will inform you about the options you have before you make your decision, University, Apprenticeship or College.


Thinking of University?


Uni4me Uni guide

What is Uni4me?

Everyone should have the chance to go onto higher education.  Uni4me give you the access to online events, activities and resources from UK higher education organisations that support your learning and enable you to find out more about your future opportunities.  Uni4me is your gateway to higher education.

The Uni Guide

Your journey to uni starts here.  The Uni Guide will keep you on track with the right advice, when you need it.  Everything is covered from what to study, where to go and how to get there.


Thinking of an Apprenticeship?

Not going to Uni?

University is not for everyone and indeed, it is not needed to begin every career.  Apprenticeships are growing, there are more and more every year in an increasing number of careers sectors.

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study, essentially giving you the chance to "earn whilst you learn".  Apprenticeships can take between 1 and 5 years to complete and can take you up to a Master's degree.

Find out more in the links below:

Not going to uni Amazing apprenticeships

Not Going to Uni

Search for jobs, opportunities and apprenticeships in the UK

We are Amazing Apprenticeships

A leading organisation in the education sector, founded to tackle misconceptions about apprenticeships and promote the benefits.

Get my first job Glass door

Get My First Job

Apprenticeships. Degree Apprenticeships, Work Experience and Graduate Opportunities

Do your research... is the job with the right company for you? 

Use Glassdoor to research and read reviews of companies before you apply for a job.


Thinking of College?

Which College, which course?

Colleges offer a wide range of courses that you won't necessarily find in schools.  Attending College is important for many reasons, including long-term financial gain, job stability, career satisfaction and success outside of the workplace. 

North Herts College

North herts college

"Discover new possibilities and options you never thought were there.  Your path to university, a job or an apprenticeship.  Secure your place at NHC today and apply for a course starting in September."

North Hertfordshire College - Discover Your Future from North Hertfordshire College on Vimeo.

College from a student perspective

What is it like being a student at NHC?

Why study at NHC?

What makes a good student?

Oaklands College


"We are committed to ensuring that our students reach their full potential.  We will focus on not only what they need to be successful on their course but what they will need to be successful in their future work and personal lives.

We will ensure that our students achieve the best that they can by looking at their individual needs and ambitions, by listening to what they tell us about their experiences, and by providing them with the best possible learning environments."

Oaklands College Virtual Open Event

 Our live webinars have now all concluded. However, the recordings are now available to view.  Please click here to find out more about studying at Oaklands College.

You can also view virtual tours of the campuses and our facilities, hear from our tutors on what our courses have to offer and read about what our existing students make of college life.

Visit the College websites to see virtual tours of specific subjects to see what life could be like...