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Does your child have EBSA - Emotional Based School Avoidance? Please fill out this questionnaire. 

Please click here for EBSA questionaire

FB EBSA group

We have a Marriotts Parents EBSA facebook group.

This is for Marriotts Parents only and is a private group.

We will be adding resources to it as we go along. Please join and start sharing your experiences, though we will be monitoring this it is a group for parents.

To join you will need to confirm your child’s name and that you agree to keep information confidential.
If your Facebook account is not in the same name as the register parents you will need to either email r.havis@marriotts.herts.sch.uk to confirm who you are or I will be contacting you. This is for safeguarding and data protection.




Attendance meetings QR

Supporting Attendance – Book a meeting 

We would like to remind you that the Attendance Team have an open door to help and support you with your child’s attendance.

If you would like a meeting to discuss  attendance, possible fines, absences, strategies to raise attendance or if you need help with understanding EBSA (emotional school based avoidance) or to assist with any concerns you may have  regarding your child’s attendance, please use Ms Rachel Havis’ (Attendance Officer)  booking calendar to book in your meeting http://bit.ly/3OKAKM6 or use the QR code


Page Downloads Date  
EBSA Parent guidance 11th Jul 2022 Download
Nessie mental health support flyer 26th Apr 2023 Download
Resources Available help for Young people 21st Jul 2022 Download
Young minds anxiety advice for parents 11th Jul 2022 Download
AW Anxiety Handout 040723 26th Apr 2023 Download
Marriotts EBSA Student Booklet 12th Jun 2023 Download